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After 5 wonderful years, the ladies

of EstateTeam3 are regrouping.

Kay Boyd will be taking calls for estate sales.  You may reach her at 706-490-3453.

Rebekah Nash will be accepting calls for estate sales in mid July. 
You may reach Rebekah at 706-499-5517. 

Paula Sanders will be accepting calls for estate sales in mid July.
You may reach Paula at 706-839-8902.

We appreciate all the love and support you have shown us throughout these years and look forward to seeing you all again very soon!  

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Paula Sanders - Rebekah Nash - Kay Boyd 


718 Northridge Drive Demorest GA 30535 US


718 Northridge Drive Demorest GA 30535 US


October 2016

~Estate in Sautee, GA

Ladies:  Now that the estate sale has been completed and the dust is settling, I am in a position to drop you this note of gratitude for the service you rendered me.  You not only were able to dispose of my belongings at prices exceeding my expectations, but were able to do so by demonstrating a high standard of professionalism in the manner of its execution.  Your well organized preparation, attention to detail, and concern for my feelings (well, at least most of the time) minimized the trauma of an old widower watching his life pass before him.

   As a result of my recent loss I was living in a very dark place when I first met you.  By way of your kindness and understanding you brought back light into my life where there was none, and I will always be eternally grateful for this gift.

   Hence, aside from the sale itself, you opened my eyes to the realization that I must let go of the past and move on, regardless of what lies ahead.  Thank you.

   In closing I wish you continued success in your current endeavor, and pray that each of you enjoys the blessings of God, with continued good health and happiness.

With fondest regards, Jim …



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We are three ladies who started a successful estate sale business; reflecting our passion for life, things and people. We carry our passion into our work and create estate sales that reflect our individual personalities, the hope and dreams of our clients and our love and caring for our customers.


718 Northridge Drive Demorest GA 30535 US


718 Northridge Drive Demorest GA 30535 US